Top 10 things I love

Hello readers, I’m back. This post is basically about the top ten things I love in life not including people because then it would become a ‘top 1000 things I love’ post trust me . Let’s start then shall we…

1: Sarcasm (and Witt)

If you are sarcastic then I already love you. You are officially my best friend, feel honoured. I love sarcasm because it’s the smartest and wittiest way to answer questions. But then… when you meet that person that doesn’t get it… I DIE (internally though) and it makes me face palm so bad.

2: OREOS!!!!!!!

Oreos… they are the worlds best gift to mankind. They are so damn good. They’re so delicious I’m obsessed with them so much!! If you don’t like Oreos… Feel ashamed!!! You can’t hate Oreos they’re too good to be hated.

3: CADBURY!!!!

So if you’re American you probably have never heard of Cadbury. Well let me explain… Cadbury is the best chocolate factory ever. They make amazing chocolate that all of us brits love.

4: MCVITIES!!!!!

This is British! Us brits are amazing with all our delicious chocolate and biscuits. Mcvities do biscuits and cookies along with cakes and all that delicious stuff. I still can’t believe all you Americans don’t have it!

5: SALAD!!!

Now… Don’t kill me yet let me explain… I am obsessed with salad it’s the best. If I had a table with Salad, pizza and fizzy haribos…

I’d take all of them… hehehehe.


This is the best pizza in the whole entire world. In the UK, Vegetarian pizza doesn’t have broccoli on it because that’s just wrong and messed up. It has all types of vegetables on it and one fruit… You guessed it… Pineapples. Yeah I love pineapples on pizza- deal with it you haters.

7: SLEEP!!!!! And Books!!!!

I love sleeping- doesn’t everyone? It’s so relaxing and it’s an excellent excuse to not do chores or housework. Sleeping is the reason I would like to be an animal so I can hibernate aaaaall winter. I also love books because they take me into another really cool world that is way better than the one we have here. Books aren’t supposed to be realistic that’s why I love them. You can literally put anything in a book: unicorns, elves, werewolves and anything you can think of.

8: Islam (and being Muslim)

I love Islam. It is a peaceful religion where everyone is welcome. We do not discriminate or commit acts of violence. We only do what our prophet PBUH taught us do and what Allah commands us to and what is written in the Quran. I love being Muslim and if you are Muslim too be proud of it!

9: Fatayer and Falafel

Fatayer are the definition of delicious, real and healthy food. Fatayer are basically the Arab version of pizza. They have all kinds of things on them. Falafel are sooooo good too and delicious. I grew up eating these thinks because I’m originally Arab and proud. Also I’m half Syrian half Palestinian so that is another reason I eat this stuff quite often.

10: The Beach (and natural places)

I love nature- except insects I despise those. I really like going to places like the beach, forests and beautiful sceneries. These sights make me feel calm and peaceful (however cliche and cheesy that sounds).

So those were my ten favourite things in life. I hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time!!!

Ruby xxx



Eid Mubarak guys! Ramadan is over. Is it just me or did it pass by really fast? Any way I wanted to show you guys pictures of presentsEnjoy!!!

Right. The earring collection, little chocolates and bracelet were from my amazing sister. The perfume, body lotion and chocolate bar were from my fantastic mother. I love you guys both!!!

These ones down below are my sister’s presents…

The book and smaller chocolate bars at the front were from me. The perfumes, bigger chocolate bar and body lotion were from our mother to my sister.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time dear readers…

Ruby xx

I need advice…

Helloooo guys,

I need advice- please help me. I’ll start the story now make sure you’re comfortable because it’s a long and a little confusing- well for me anyway. So I will now begin…

So I moved to the UK when I was around four years old and on my first day of school I tried to keep my head down and talk to nobody for the rest of my time in my school. Of course that never works. I sat this girl( I’m going to call her ‘A’) who translated for me as the teacher was teaching. When I first met her she was acting quite cold to me and didn’t talk to me much. As the year passed I could speak English fluently so I didn’t need her help any more.

The next year though, we became inseparable. We weren’t inseparable friends; we were sisters. Well that’s how close I thought we were. We would always hang out together; laugh and joke around with each other and be there for one another. If she got teased I would stand up for her and vice-versa. The years passed and I made even more inseparable friends. I met people who came and stayed or came and went. As I met more people, I met two girls who I’m going to call ‘I’ And ‘P’. We instantly became the three amigos doing everything together.

However this year everything changed. I started to hang out less and less with ‘P’ and ‘I’. I made a friend a few years back who I’m calling ‘O’ for now. I started to hang out with A, O and their friends who are also my friends too. When I began the year ‘A’ stopped talking to me. We wouldn’t talk as often as we would and she was beginning to walk away. I was really confused when she did this because I didn’t know what was going on. I tried asking her if she was alright and every time she would nod her head and walk off. Because me and O read the same series of books (Shadowhunters) we became really close- we were and still are Parabatai.

In my school we have this thing called the School Council and House Captain. House captain is when you are the captain of your House you can only be one if you are in year 6. Houses are teams that the school has split us into. I’m going to call my House ‘C’. School council is as you know it and you can be a member from year 3 to year 5. To get a position on one of these, you have to write a speech so people vote for you. Both me and ‘A’ are in the same House and both wanted to be House Captain and part it the School Council. Now in year 5 I got School Councillor. After everyone voted we found out who won- I won House Captain. Before we voted me and A made a deal (we shook hands on it too) that there would be no hard feelings whatsoever.

A few months ago I got offered a job to set up the computer and sound system in school. I agreed because I wanted that job and that day I found out I didn’t get a place on the Dodgeball team even though I’m one of the best in the class- according to a lot of people. Even though I didn’t get into any sport teams A got into every team and I was really happy for her and congratulated her every time. When I got the computer jot she said congrats but after that she started becoming spiteful and jealous. Those two words don’t look nice on her trust me.

A few days ago I was telling O and meme about dyslexia and then A came up to me and said- and I quote her exact words- ‘ Memes are my thing! First it was sports now it’s memes what else do you want?!’

I was really shocked when she said that- I didn’t see that coming. Days passed and I am still affected by what she said. I’m still trying to ignore and forget what she said but I can’t get it out of my head.

My Parabatai- Otold me that A is just jealous because you are amazing at so many thing: writing, sports, baking and you are also very smart and intelligent.

I looked at her and said when did you get so wise old owl? And like that we cracked up laughing.

What do you guys think I should do?

Please comment.

I’m gone with the wind xxx

My favourite 5 inspirational quotes by Confucius

Many of you may of heard of a scholar names Confucius. Well if you haven’t he was a scholar and philosopher in the the Chinese Qin dynasty a long time ago back in 210 BC. His word were very wise and so was he. These are my top 5 favourite inspirational quotes by Confucius.


I love this one because it reminds everyone that everything is beautiful.


This one is very inspirational for me because it tells me that we all fall in life- it’s not a straight line. The greatest glory is to rise every time life knocks us down


This is important to remember war doesn’t determine who is correct it states who the survivors are.


Life is short- make the most of it. We only live once but if you live life to its fullest once is enough


Life is easy but we keep making it harder for ourselves.

10 types of friends in life…

Everyone has friends who are all different and have different personalities, opinions, preferences and appearances. I, For an example, have so many friends that are all different to each other; no two are the same so that is why I have decided to write this post about 10 types of friends in life…

1) The funny ones

Now these friends are the best because they always and I mean it always make you laugh even with the worst jokes and memes. Also they always make your day better even when you are in the worst mood ever.

2) The book BFF

These friends are my favourite type (after the funny ones) you have both read the same books and you always make memes, inside jokes, relatable memes and puns. I my self am a book worm and love making book memes with my friends.

3) The one you grew up with

Now these friends are not so common because you have to be sooooooo close to them and you have to have known them since you were very young (this type is for you sis). Unfortunately I don’t have one of these friends. 😔

4) The athletes

These friends are very athletic and spend most of their spare time playing sports more than spending time with you. I have quite a few of these friends and am a little of this type.

5) The ‘up to date ones’

Now these friend ALWAYS know what is going on in school and outside of it. They are the kinda trendy ones that know the latest songs, trends, movies and basically every single thing you can think of.

6) The drama lamas

These friends are ALWAYS causing the drama ALWAYS involved. These are the ones that you have absolutely no idea how you became friends with in the first place because to me( no offence) they are sassy idiots who are arrogant and big headed.

7) The teasers

You have are very strange relationship with these friends because you are always teasing each other. Others may think it’s really weird but I think it’s funny.

8) The ‘wait what?’ Friends

These friends have no idea what the latest drama is – like me-. They are not involved or interested in drama because it is dull, boring and does nothing except build walls and grudges between people and what used to be the closest friends.

9) The two faced

These friends are always doing the right thing and that is why your parents like/liked them. You are/were always compared to them by your parents.They are the goody two shoes in front of your parents and teachers the irresponsible and childish in front of you and your friends.

10) The one who curses

These friends can’t go through a single sentence without cursing at least once. Although some are just very dirty minded (not me thank the lord) wince every time you say a word that is just wrong in their messed up brain (no offence).

Let me know which type/types you are in the comments

I’m gone with the wind

Ruby xo

5 types of family members

We all have different types of family members and families. Some are funny, bossy, boring, fun or scary. That is why I’ve decided to write this post…

1) The Arabs

Now if you’re not Arab you won’t get this. These family members are very strange because you can’t describe them in just one word. Also if your grandparents are Arab then they will either be really kind or always tell you what to do. Generally Arabs are very loud and outgoing.

2) The funny ones

For me these family members are cousins not really aunts and uncles. These types of people are really kind, friendly and make your day even when you are having a terrible time. My cousins who are like this are like my siblings because I only have one and she is… mehhhh…

3) The boring ones

Now these family members are basically very dull and lame because you can’t joke about with them or expect them to make you laugh or turn your frown upside down.

4) The childish ones

These family members are always trying their best to be ‘down with the kids’ but instead end up making you cringe like hell.

5) The down to earth ones

These family members are really down to earth people who are always really kind and open up to anyone. They may not seem like this when you first meet them but they change once you get to know them.

I’m gone with the wind

Ruby xx